Best Fan Mail Ever?

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Given the risk of dislocating an elbow while patting oneself on the back, we don’t usually print fan mail. But this one, from James J. Krefft (also an author himself), needed to be shared:

Recently I borrowed a copy of your book from a friend (so basically pure benefit for me) and I must say I am impressed. I am well-read, reading on average four books per week. With that said, I love SuperFreakonomics. In fact I enjoyed them so much and your unorthodox approach, that I award both authors the rank of Honored Elder. To quantify, this here is my own ranking of authorial/analytical skill:

Philosopher King
Honored Elder
Ruler of the Aegis
Lord of the Manor
Dan Quayle
Kim Jong Il
Alan Greenspan

Why is Alan Greenspan so bad? Because he created an interest environment that only encouraged bad behavior like: sub-primes, no savings, etc. Anyway, great book. If I am ever in power, you will hear from me.

James: what do we have to do in future books to make it to Philosopher King?


What is a Moop?

Dr Van Nostrand

Sorry, the card says moops

Basil White

A mop designed by committee


I'd be interested to know what other authors fill the ranks.

Andreas Moser

Did Mr Krefft really read something "written" by the prolific Kim Jong Il?
And given how people were saddened by Kim Jong Il's recent death (see, will we be overcome by eternal sadness, should anything ever happen to you guys?


the ranking seems to have missed out Unicorn Prince

Eric M. Jones

Is "Sion" a word I missed when I had the flu in the eighth grade? Or did you mean "Scion"?


Maybe he meant scion, but that doesn't make Sion not a word...

Jirka Lahvicka

Since this is an obvious Civilization reference, shouldn't Dan Quayle be the last?


To answer your question, Stephenm it will be just like garnering every other type of political influence- I think it has something to do with sending cash to me.

Basil White

If this list is a reference to Civilization, I'd think top status would be called "Sid Meier."


"James: what do we have to do in future books to make it to Philosopher King?"

I'd bet James reserves that title for himself!

Harrison Salzman

Why no mention of SOPA on your blog?


If SuperFreakonomics gets you Honored Elder status, Freakonomics will put you off the chart!


I think somebody ripped the Dan Quale from Sid Meier's Civilization.


If you have to ask, you'll never make it to Philosopher King.

Basil White

The first rule of Monarch Philosophy Club is you don't talk about Monarch Philosophy Club


"I am well-read, reading on average four books per week. "

So quantity of books read is now the standard test for how 'well-read' an individual may or may not be?

Currently reading Freakonomics and loving it, on the other hand I'm also reading various other books which would probably qualify as utter tripe, doubt I'm well-read at all. ;)

susan kruse

Tediously male-centric ranking system Mr Krefft. And yes, it does matter.