Locally Produced Condoms?

(Photo: Holly Clark)

The Los Angeles City Council may require condoms in porn movies produced in the city limits. How will this affect the market?  Whether companies stay in L.A. or leave, costs will rise (condom costs if they stay, the costs of relocation, loss of agglomeration economies, if they move outside the city limits).  If costs do rise, will that matter to producers? I imagine product demand is fairly inelastic, and they can easily pass the cost increase onto consumers. But even if costs were unaffected, consumer demand might shift far leftward if producers remained in L.A., since customers may not wish to view protected sex. Industry members lobbied strongly against the bill — perhaps because they feared the direct drop in demand rather than the cost increase.

Chris S

This isn't the usual relationship between condoms and elasticity!!!!!


If your condoms seem inelastic, you should check the expiry date.


"Industry members lobbied strongly..." - HA!


Why, given ready internet access to competing amateur and pirated products, would product demand be fairly inelastic?

Peter Lange

There has to be some cost to this, no doubt. At the very least, the cost of moving shooting locations. But to be honest, I dont know that it will be a substantial cost. Most of the porn industry is located in Chatsworth, an area of the San Fernando Valley. This isnt very far from Simi Valley (another county), or Santa Clarita Valley (a independant city within the county.) Its actually easier for most of the adult industry to get to those locations that to parts of LA. And Santa Clarita already has a lot of filming and studio space available (NCIS, CSI, Disney Channel stuff all film up there). At the end of the day, I suspect that the industry spent more money lobbying against the measure than it will ultimately cost them to relocate their shoots to one of the neighboring areas.


new title: "The Elasticity of Condoms"

Rob G

Just one more reason to justify not using protection in an already STD ridden industry. Boo


it is funny to imagine at the end of the porno movie :
"all the erotic and hard core scenes,were entirely filmed ..with actors using condoms made within five miles radio..."

And what about the toys?,...the whips?..the chains?,..liquid chocolate?....