Sleep No More: Theater as Social Experiment?

Sleep No More. (Photo: nycscout)

Have any of you seen Sleep No More? And if so, did your experience as an audience member make you think (as it did me) of the social experiments of Stanley Milgram and Philip Zimbardo (though without the sadism)? And — bonus question — is anyone actually working on a social-science research project involving Sleep No More?


I worked on it and yes, it did.


Saw it. Loved it. Did not make me think of Milgram.


I've seen it twice, and I have a degree in psychology, and never the twain did meet in my head. I'm also an actor and AD, so maybe I was just prepared for the excitement of the theatrical experience and put all else aside.


I saw it, and I hated it. And yes, it did remind me of a social experiment, both while I was watching it, and after the performance while talking about it. And yes, I have both a degree in psychology and a degree in theatre.




Looking forward to the podcast episode, even if I already beat you to it:


Oh man..I just went on Monday, April 29th, I can't describe how this has effected my life, with doing it any justice....I just happen to be a particular kind of person, in a particular place in my life and was with someone who I am desperately in love with, but no longer date...I was terrified just hearing about it..I so went against my will, I was so afraid...and now this is the best, craziest mind-blowing thing that's EVER happened to my life..( and that's saying a lot if you knew me)... just wow..wooooooooooooowwwwwwww..damn crazy

Jamal Jordan

I have not seen the movie but am aware of his experiment. If you're interested, there is a new book that questions his methods (and therefore the validity of the results).