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Some Links Worth Following

  1. President Obama is reading The World America Made, which downplays the America-is-in-decline meme; meanwhile, Latin America pushes the America-is-in-decline meme.
  2. Austan Goolsbee is on Twitter, and has lots to say. (This will surprise no one who read this.)
  3. If you have a Godfather-obsessed kid, as I do, you may want to read The Godfather Effect. (Good WSJ review here.)
  4. Is economic repugnance closely related to biological disgust?” Yes, this is from our friend Al Roth. More here on disgust and food.
  5. An iPhone-savvy cop has no trouble busting an iPhone thief.
  6. A Lego man in space, sent there by two 17-year-old Canadians.