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What Does Your Fed Valentine Say?

(Photo: Karen Horton)

One of the most wonderful things about Twitter is the spontaneous conversations that start around almost anything. And so, inspired by the hilarious #HealthPolicyValentines, I began a new hashtag on Twitter this morning: #FedValentines.  Folks are tweeting all sorts of Fed-themed valentine’s wishes. As I write, it’s the second-top trending hashtag in the U.S.

Given that it’s Friday, I figured it worth sharing the fun.  Here’s what I came up with:

But the hive mind that is Twitter did an even better job. Here’s my selection of the best #FedValentines:

Want to see more? It looks like the conversation is continuing on Twitter.  And please, either add your own Fed Valentines to the comments, or tweet with them with the #FedValentines hashtag.