What’s Hanging in Your Cubicle?

Last week, in honor of our “Dilbert Index” podcast about workplace morale, we asked readers to submit photos of their office spaces. 

Here’s what’s inside some of your cubicles:

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John Pula

Neat! I have two, and they both make me smile from time to time.


Is it bad that when I saw the "f-club" picture I thought, "That's an innovative way to deal with swearing in the workplace"?

Note: I'm Australian and I understand that swearing here is more socially acceptable.


I am retired and no longer have a cubicle nor the office I finally got promoted to but I can remember one thing that hung on the wall for a long time: the Dilbert 'we need some eunuch programmers' strip. As a Unix programmer it seemed to be the right thing to do.


a scientist

a tiny copy of Shakespeare's the "Merchant of Venice." (3" by 2") a gift from my daughter.
antique ink well. (flee market bought)
an antique "top." (gift from my husband from trip to Maine)
a warning "disposition may change without notice."
A german dictionary (1 1/2 inch square)-a gift from the late Alfred Jones
a journal (gift of cousin Debbie)
a plastice pencil holder (gift of a friend) and several gilt pens (gifts from my husband)
a eal messy/but relatively organized desk/room. Until project is finished.
a picture of my grandmother, myself and three cousins (age 5). A reminder of her love for us.
an antique doll (made in England, flee market bought)- of that silent film actor/dancer (2 1/2 " tall)
a "natural artifact." a gift from my husband from trip to Vermont .

Why I mention these things- they all make me smile with memories of how fortunate I have been.

As to providing a picture, I doubt that anyone would want one.



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Eric M. Jones.

...Hanging in my cubicle?...The body of the last guy who occupied it.



XKCD comics hanging on the wall implies much the same thing as posting Dilbert comics, except then you also know that the employee is an elitist. :D

Andreas Moser

My cubicle is surrounded by trees: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2011/12/20/office-in-malta/

Rex McClure

I have this Dilbert