They brought in Manning because he can make a fair team very good, very quickly.

It also solves the Tebow problem. What a great by-product. You get bring in one of the best QBs in football history and, at the same time, give you cover for shipping out a player everyone knows will never be a great Quarterback and possibly won't even be very good.



Walker Schwartz

Absolutely! Additionally, Peyton wanted to go to the Broncos to learn the easiest way to transition into a GM role after his playing days are over. Who better to teach that than someone who's successfully done it before?


At $20 million for 5 years, he's not getting rid of Tebow cheaply. And getting a 36 year old QB with diminishing physical ability to boot.

Steve O

Not sure where we see "diminishing physical ability". I think he made the most attempts of his career last season.

Michael Fisk

Entirely possible, although that's a very high risk, high reward way of doing so. If Peyton wins a Super Bowl in Denver, Elway looks like a genius. If they trade Tebow away and Peyton goes down long-term with another injury (after signing what's being rumored to be a five-year, $90 million contract), Elway may have pretty seriously jeopardized his own job in Denver and cost him a lot of good will in the eyes of Broncos fans.


Keep in mind they are being very careful about the wording of the contract so that if Manning suffers another neck injury he is not owed any money.

Michael Cohen

In a word: No. In a longer word: Maybe it was somewhere around 12th on his reasons to sign Manning, but it sure wasn't in the top 5.




I think this played a major part. After Tebow's moderate success (and major hype) last season, Elway really couldn't just draft a new guy, or take a gamble on somebody like Matt Flynn. The only way to really bring in a different quarterback is get somebody who WOULDN'T be seen as a gamble - thus, Manning.

Sure, Manning might not work out for them, but nobody can blame him for making the attempt. And now they can draft a new quarterback, one who fits the system Elway wants to build, to learn under Manning.

And remember... Denver went to the playoffs, and won a game, with Tebow at QB. Not a stretch to say they could be back with Manning.

Brian Hunt

If that alone was his reasoning, he's a pretty smart man. Hahaha.

Pup, MD

If so, he is a genius.


Well, that and the fact that Manning is just as good or better a QB as Elway was.

I would really like to see Tebow stay in Denver and learn from Manning, but not likely.


I think the answer is yes. The Manning signing creates the same hype around the Broncos as Tebow did last season, and is also an upgrade from a football perspective even if Manning is only a league-average quarterback. Anyone not emotionally or financially invested in Tebow's success knew that his style of play wasn't sustainable over the long term. At worst Manning is a stop-gap solution that allows you to hit the reset button and draft a better-throwing quarterback. At best he elevates the team into the upper-echelon the league. And most importantly, he keeps the butts in the seats at Mile High Stadium.


I like the idea of keeping Tebow for those short-yardage situations. What would the Broncos get for him, anyways? A 5th round draft pick? 4th if they cornered a GM that's been drinking for 14 hours straight?

paul o.

I've never talked to one, but I'm sure the average Bono fan realizes that Tebow will always be one of the worst 8 quarterbacks every year of his 5 year career. If he ever starts again.


It's worth every penny for Elway to get rid of Tebow. I love the Tebow story, but Elway clearly wasn't enamored. For Elway, this is the only player he could replace Tebow with and, not only avoid criticism, but be praised as well. Truthfully, Elway just saved the franchise, even though the many fans won't recognize it for some time.

joe stewart

No. I know that it seems impossible, but I really think Tebow may stick around. Bringing in Manning with Tebow as backup to learn the NFL way to play QB, while being able to roll him out for some Tebow miracle occasionally (ie when the porous Denver O-line lets in enough muscle to re-injure Mannings' neck), seems like a multifaceted strategy that makes too much sense.

Frankie Adams

I think the broncos should of left teebow alone, because cause Peyton manning should wearing red and gold in a 49ers jersey. I hate the broncos


My first thoughts:
1) you do not watch football, do you
2) Troll
3) Because Elway wants to win.

Now after thinking for 30 seconds, not sure why they didn't go after Flynn. But after thinking some more I am going with #3.