Laura Simpson

If Tebow is smart he will opt to stay in Denver (if given the chance too that is) and learn under Peyton to go the Favre/Rogers route. Tebow has the potential to be a really good leader for the team and not a half-bad quarterback. Peyton has consistently proven that he was a good leader for the Colts, and a great quarterback. Tebow could learn a lot about how to shine if he pays attention to what Peyton and Elway have to teach him.


In the past few years, the quality of the posts while still good, wasn't really holding up to previous (lofty) standards and trending wrong way, but is this really necessary?


The rare Positive Externality, if Peyton is in fact the Old Peyton then Elway should win Executive of the Year in the NFL.


So Peyton was choosing between San Francisco, Miami, Tennessee, and Denver, apparently. Tennessee and Florida do not have broad base individual income taxes. Did his bargaining over compensation with Denver include discussions about increasing his gross compensation to allow for the Colorado income tax liability he would face in comparison with a possible deal in Tennessee or Florida? If so, he would have effectively shifted the Colorado individual income tax to the Bronco owers.


He seems too smart for it to have been the main reason but icing on an already delicious is extra delish!

Mark M

I believe there were 2 big reasons for signing Manning. One was to get rid of Tebow since Elway knew that the Broncos will never have long-term success with Tebow at quarterback. The other reason is that it's difficult to win the Super Bowl without a franchise quarterback; as Elway knows, since he was one himself. Of the last 15 Super Bowl winners, 13 had franchise quarterbacks. Plus, it helps that the Broncos are in a weak division.


I believe he did. My rationale for this belief is the recent Fox Sports report that he started shopping Tebow in mid-February, at a time when Manning was still a Colt and was not even a sure-thing to return to football. Even if Manning chose another team, EFX certainly created a hostile environment for Tebow moving forward. I suspect he would have been traded in any event.

go eagles

I have a different question. With Manning being a well respected player (I believe, don't know the inside sccop), and on the verge of serious long term physical injury, and in light of the Saints bounty program, will defensive players let up when playing against him?

Amy Jablonovsky

Elway felt threatened by Tebow's talent, his potential, his good looks, his humility and popularity. Elway is jealous because he WAS popular, he WAS a talented QB and now he is no longer in the spot light. By hiring Manning, Elway brought on board someone who isn't so handsome, who is an injury risk, who is coming up on the sunset of his career and who might be able to bring the Broncos to a Superbowl. Not so threatening!