Football Freakonomics Nominated for a Sports Emmy

I had a blast working with the NFL Network/ on our Football Freakonomics series this season, and now we’ve been nominated for a Sports Emmy in “Outstanding New Approaches, Sports Programming.”

I know it’s a cliché to say that it’s a thrill just to be nominated but holy cow, it really is! Especially when you see the other nominees in our category: CBS Sports, ESPN, NBC Sports, and another NFL Network entry.

One reason I had such a good time is that I love football, and I love getting to poke beneath its surface.

The other reason is that I got to work with a truly extraordinary group of collaborators, including producer Brett Rapkin, who came up with the idea in the first place; the man known as B-Lock, Brian Lockhart, who made it happen at the NFL Network; the amazing writer/researcher Mike McKnight; director Jon Hirsch and his great crews headed up by Rob Newman and Eli Gamson;’s own Tom Brady (not the QB); and a lot of other folks involved in researching, shooting, producing, creating great graphics packages, etc., including: Phil Guidry, Brian Caruso, Mitchell Swartz, and the true MVP of all things Freakonomics these days, Bourree Lam

Thanks to all!



Jordan Meyer

I'm not really a football fan, but CONGRATS guys! That's awesome!

K Brew

Congratulations. But defense wins championships!!

Russel T.

Aren't Sports Emmy nominations paid for? If so, how is this an honor?


No...nominees have been screened by a panel. Look at the Emmy website...


I looked at the website, Cameron, and the rules. The nominees are screened by a panel, but to be "nominated" you must submit various materials and include either $375 or $275. You get one statue if you win, but can pay for additional ones.


If Freakonomics wins and Dubner takes the Emmy, I hereby pledge $5 for a statue for Levitt.

Mike B

I don't think that's actually an award...sort of like the Grammys.