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Question of the Day: What's Hanging in Your Cubicle?

(Photo: Ol.v!er H2vPk)

Our recent podcast “The Dilbert Index” looked at offbeat ways to measure employee morale. Damon Beaven, a blog reader we interviewed, noted that a lot of Dilbert comics in cubicles tends to correlate with lower morale. “A lot of Dilbert comics seems to be a passive-aggressive way of an employee complaining,” he observes.

While that observation may not be very scientific, Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist at Wharton, says that signals from employees can indeed serve as powerful clues for managers. He gives an example from a study he conducted at a university call center that was lacking in motivation: “I was really struck by the fact that on the wall of the call center, one of the callers had posted a little sign, and it said, ‘Doing a good job here is like wetting your pants in a dark suit, you get a warm feeling but no one else notices.’”

So what’s hanging in your cubicle? Let us know in the comments below — and, even better, send a low-res photo to so we can post your photos next week.