The Chinese Haven't Bought All Our Stock Markets, Have They?

Maybe my computer thinks I am in China (but I am not; I am in New York).

Maybe a Chinese hacker is just having a laugh (it has happened before).

Maybe the Chinese have bought all of our stock markets (although I seriously doubt it).

Or maybe, for whatever reason, Yahoo! Finance is simply some coding issues. Because when I checked the markets this morning, they seemed to have been renamed: 


My yahoo! finance is fine.

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I've seen a lot of problems with their email announcing that the screen resolution is wrong, even when it's not. I suspect that they have coding problems.

Jeremy Pullicino

Looking good from here (Malta)


I have a similar problem with many Java-based applications, where menu text and help messages will often appear in French.

(For the techies, it appears that some underlying code is checking the Linux XTERM_LOCALE environment variable, which I have set to fr_CH (Swiss French) in order to display the French accented characters in emails from my Swiss collaborators, and making the unwarranted assumption that I want to use French as my main language.)


People still use Yahoo?