The Flowers That Never Fade

From a reader named Becca Levin:

Hi, I just listened to your podcast with NPR on the impact of shipping flowers. May I suggest, if you should ever air it again, you consider the song “Plastic Roses by the Chenille Sisters. A sample line: “He sent me plastic roses, the kind that never fade … ” A touching love song about lasting memories.

Here is more on the Chenille Sisters; it’s also interesting to read about chenille itself.

And, most important:

Happy Mother’s Day to all!


" he sent me a plastic diamond ring, the kind that... eh, i got a new man"


It did not fully translate, but Happy Mother's Day.

Rick Harris

After listening to your podcast, I think you are asking the right question about energy consumption for products and where the outrage is in this green economy. However i think you are addressing the wrong subject when you talk about this. Compare the energy consumption of shipping flowers to the energy consumption of producing one Toyota Prius. Look at the materials that are required, how they are transported etc. We shouldn't be outraged by cut flowers in South America the dont claim to save the planet. We should look at what is being touted as helping the environment when it is actually doing it more harm by the same set of standards that its being measured by.