hahahahahaha! that's great - wonder if Trump understands sarcasm


It says "50+" retweets. I bet that "+" is key.

Jeremiah Stanghini

According to TweetDeck, as of 6:27pm EST, it has been retweeted 118 times.


It says 50+ retweets. That means *more* than 50 times, not "only 50 times".

Eric M. Jones.

Make your own Kenyan Birth Certificate:



I am a rock solid conservative with no chance in the world of voting for Obama. Having said that can we please move on from the birth certificate 'issue'? His mother was American. Is this really an issue? Does anyone believe discussion of it will change anything or that it even matters?

There are so many real issues we should be focused on about this election. Below even last on that list is this silly idea that the President isn't a natural citizen.

How about repeal of Obamacare, the debt, two wars...


"Obamacare, the debt, two wars"
All of these were initiated and/or exacerbated by conservatives


And despite running on "hope and change", continued under Obama. Neither party is likely to solve these issues...our best bet is to keep congress in the hands of one party and the presidency in the hands of the other. It forces them to work together, instead of the stupid hyper-partisan crap we're hearing now (like the Tea Party claiming Romney is a bad candidate because he worked with a democratic legislature in Massachusetts).


The whole 'birther' thing seems like arguing over a technicality. I suppose it's possible there is corruption in Hawaii but as of now they have certified Obama was born there. If people want to pursue this that's fine, that's what it means to have a free country. If you think there is something wrong going on in government you are free to try and uncover it. I wouldn't bother myself because I don't see the requirement to be born in the U.S. to be an important qualification but I think people who are rabid to shut the birthers down are nearly as bad as the birthers and only get them more worked up.


As a conservative Republican, I feel like the birthers are coming off as the bigger idiots in that little tug-of-war. It embarrasses me.
Please, birthers, please, please, please, stop. If there is one thing that the Democrats are WAAAY better at than us, it's making their opponents look stupid. They win the snark wars every time. When you guys open your mouths you turn yourselves into targets, they paste you, and the rest of us are collateral damage.

Joe J

And this has to do with Economics or Freakenomics, how?


Obama's literary agency, his legal representative in the literary world, spent 16 years making this claim. And it lasted on their website for 16 years.

Did the publishers not consult the Freakonomics authors before publishing their biographies?

And nobody really believes he was born in Kenya any more. The point of bringing it up is that he's been claiming to have been born on opposite ends of the earth. In any lesser mortal, this would be a pattern of lying.


I am a conservative. I will not be voting for Obama (nor did I before). I do not think that the birth question CAN be resolved, for those who are contrary will not believe evidence to the contrary, but claim it is part of a vast conspiracy.

That being said, I think it is WRONG to try to shame birthers into not asking questions. Let's be honest: There have been enough questions and issues surrounding Obama's birthplace that it is a LEGITIMATE issue.

No, there might be no clear solution (outside of Obama admitting it), but neither is it absolutely clear-cut that the official story is the truth.

Me? I believe Obama was born in Hawaii, just like he claims. BUT I also acknowledge that there is enough smoke to cause others to question the truth of matters.

To me, it is a form of Big Brother to roll one's eyes at those who ask legitimate questsions about Obama's birthplace. Yes, it is wearisome, but enough problems have surfaced to admit a degree of sincere questioning.

I think the right way to handle this is to allow such questions with grace. We don't have to agree, but we do have to admit that there is sufficient justification to asking such questions. And if there is, then let the questions be asked.

NIGHTMARE SCENARIO: Thirty years from now, Obama admits he was born in Kenya. Suits are filed to nullify ALL bills that he signed into law.