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Raising Money to Teach Math

A reader named Karim Kai Ani writes:

Guy walks into a bar and says, “We’ve got this math curriculum that everyone is saying is the bomb (a dangerous thing to say when you have my name, but go with me), and we’re Kickstarting a video series to offer teachers a new vision of what it means to teach math.”

And the waitress says, “You should see if the dudes from Freakonomics would tweet about it. Didn’t they mention Mathalicious on their blog once?”

And the guy says, “Great idea. Maybe something like, ‘@mathalicious turns to @kickstarter to offer fresh vision of how to teach math. Loads of teacher support. Check out’ You really think they’d do it? I mean, these guys are my heroes.”

And she says, “Doesn’t hurt to ask.”

Did you hear that one?


In case that wasn’t clear, just click here.