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Churchill Style

(Photo: David Cohen)

I have a friend named Barry Singer, an author who also runs a bookshop that specializes in Churchillania.

He has now combined all these passions to write a book called Churchill Style: The Art of Being Winston Churchill. It seems at first glance to be mainly a guide to what Churchill ate, drank, smoked, and wore but it truly is a phenomenal book in that it also brings us deeply into how Churchill thought, struggled, and persevered in his personal and political lives.

Here’s a Wall Street Journal excerpt that focuses mainly on the softer stuff. Even if you’ve read a small mountain of Churchill bios including the magisterial Martin Gilbert edition, I’d still recommend giving the Singer book a shot.

It can be hard to read books by friends because you fear being disappointed and having to handle that disappointment. In this case, I am pleased to report there wasn’t an ounce of disappointment.