Golfing the Length of Detroit

I overlapped a little bit at the New York Times with Charlie LeDuff and let me just say that his reputation as a one-of-a-kind reporter is thoroughly deserved.

He now works for the Fox TV news station in Detroit. If you have ten minutes to spare, you should check out his recent piece: “Charlie LeDuff Golfs the Length of Detroit”:

Is it a) one of the most interesting pieces of reporting you’ll ever see? b) a kind of cultural criticism that almost never shows up in mainstream journalism? c) a golfing adventure that even the most adventuresome golfers have never considered?



Definitely deserves a longer and better edited version.


My worlds just collided a bit. Charlie's videos on myfoxdetroit and this website are both on my list of must check websites, and I have nothing in common with detroit. I just go there for Charlie's clips.

Bill Ogorodny

This was a great clip showing what detroit is going through with the loss of manufacturing jobs. I hope the city can make a comeback. Detroit is one of the great cities of America


2 stroke penalty for every time he teed up the ball after the original tee off!!!


Did anyone else have a "Fight Club" flashback while watching this?
My answer: C. As a recovering sociologist who was raised near Cleveland (and even did field research on welfare recipients out there about a decade ago) this all looked -- and sounded -- quite familiar. To anyone who assumes this message is a new response to current local or national leaders or this recession, think again. The leaders have changed, as have economic conditions, but the song is the same and so are both Detroit and Cleveland's shamefully sluggish efforts to attract new businesses and expand their economic bases. Can we all say "incentives"? "Diversification"? What about "denial"?
How ironic that the brightest stars in each city are in healthcare: the nation struggles to figure out how to provide innovative, value-driven care to all patients (even good paying ones) yet the Cleveland Clinic and the Baldrige-winning Henry Ford Health System have made enormous strides against the odds right there amid the abandoned wastelands of Cleveland and Detroit.
After watching this I'd normally bemoan that "nothing's changed" over there since I moved away, but I was too busy laughing at Charlie's valiant efforts to play through concrete rubble and Section 8 sand traps. I don't think there is a shotgun big enough to give me the peace of mind required to get me to tee up on the streets of Detroit -- nevermind the 90+degree heat -- so my answer to your question is C. Charlie's definitely out there in the weeds on this one.



This was one of the most amazing pieces of reporting I have ever seen. It was a very emotional experience for me watching Charlie golf through a once thriving and amazing city. My city. My home.



It really opens your eyes to what is really going on in the Motor City. You hear about it, but than you see reality shows like the Pawn Shop one and you just think everybody is crazy and it is just fine. Detroit is not fine, the country is not fine. I think pieces like this is more necessary so people can see what really is going on in parts of the country.