Pop Culture Introspection, Part I: Why Do the Couples From The Bachelorette Do So Much Better Than Those From The Bachelor?

 Of the sixteen The Bachelor shows, only four relationships from the show lasted at least a year.  Only two couples are still together.  In contrast, five of the seven The Bachelorette seasons led to relationships that lasted at least a year. (Although only two of the couples are still together.)

Why the difference? Just chance, or does it tell us something about men, women, and relationships?


Men are more competitive on average, and most of them enjoy the challenge of having to chase a woman.
It's no wonder that a man with his pick of the litter would enter a relationship handed to him without seeing any value behind it, after all, he didn't have to work for it at all.

Relationships, in my experience, just work better when the male chases the female, and not the other way around.

Sean Heidger

Its hard to actually make any assumptions about this because it is a TV show and viewers do not really see what goes on behind the scenes. At the same time, the women who are looking for love may actually be looking for their life partner and uses full advantage of the show. On the other hand, the men may see it as there chance to show off on TV and meet as many women as possible. So when the guy finally chooses the girl, after filming, there may not actually be any feelings there since he was blinded by the cameras and women around him. This response doesn't really pose any new question, just goes along with the typical stereotype when it comes to men and women with love and relationships...could it be true?