Help Wanted: Techno Superstars Looking to Work on Some Freakonomics-Inspired Start-ups in Chicago

I’ve got a lot of smart friends, and they come up with some pretty good ideas.  (I even have an idea myself once in a while!)

Occasionally, these ideas take the form of potential internet businesses.  Although we have incubated some interesting businesses up until now, there is too much talking and not enough doing.

It is time for that to change, and we want to open up  a little Chicago office to pursue these ideas.

We need some superhuman talent to make it a success. 

If you think you have what we are looking for, send a resume to, and let’s get the fun started!


GO #ChicagoTech


Wish you'd entertain a great telecommuter! Argh!


yeah, this is the 21st century, what is he thinking chicago?


Sweet. Someone just shot this over to me -- definitely something to look into when I get home this evening.


What type of background are you expecting?

Nick martin

Is this for real? I suspect you're gathering data for something...

Chandra Mouli

I am big fan of yours!
You could take an "incident" , extrapolate it and build a whole theory around it. And make the best seller from it.

Sometime do you wonder that socio-economic systems have so many data points in them, that you could draw a curve through any (set of) data points and build something out it (I mean like a Russel Crowe drawing a figure in the sky using the stars for the dots in Beautiful Mind). And the test of all such curves is not that interpolation capabilities (building theory to explain a past) but their predictive capabilities, where most (I somehow shy to say all) fall flat.

Inspired by you, I have been working on something called Dumbonomics ( about how the whole world is constantly fed with lot intelligent analysis.

Coming to your post, let us know if you have any ideas of "outsourcing the development of these ideas"!! since we are a startup also working on "one of those earth shifting ones"!..




What does this superhuman talent need to do to make it successful?
Are you looking for the next great idea like facebook or feedbacks
to your project ideas?


Wow no one trusts you guys. Not sure I do either. But, offering teaser riddles about my ideas is free.

I had my epiphany on how I can contribute to this interesting tech model/incubator after your lecture in Lake Forest this month. My idea is centered around an unconventional way to drive concrete, measurable top-line sales and business results in technology.
You will love it because it is disruptive and, yet make perfect sense when we look at the incentives of buying decisions, and the role trust and confidence in the sellers plays in those decisions.

Better still, it cuts out an utterly wasteful SG&A overhead load that every Sales organization for a technology company carries with it.

Best of all, my idea provides validation for my career skills, though, if successful, undermines everyone currently in my field of expertise.

With that, I will e-mail Stelios!