Upgrades to Freakonomics.com

It’s been nearly 18 months since we relaunched this website, and we continue to try to improve it. Many of the improvements were spurred on by reader suggestions — so: thanks!

Here are a few changes we’ve recently made:

1) We’ve added a Freakonomics Radio Archive page to make it easier to find or listen to any particular episode. Let us know how this page is working for you, and any further improvements we should consider. Also, on our Radio page, we have grouped our one-house specials by season. We have so far released two seasons (each with five one-hour specials), and a third is on the way this fall.

2) We have reconfigured the blog’s comments section by adding a “view all comments” button and paginating the comments so that you can skip to a particular page of comments.

3) There is now a “print” button on the blog so that you can print out individual posts.

4) There’s a “Surprise Me” button, for the blog, which you can access from the drop-down menu of the main “Blog” tab. It will take you to a random post from our archive, which is up to nearly 7,000 posts.

5) We’ve beefed up our video section, which includes all kinds of material (TV and live appearances, movie clips, etc.); it’s all on our YouTube channel too.

The driving force behind these upgrades is our awesome blog editor (and all-around MVP) Bourree Lam, with great design and technical work by Lorissa and Gordon at Being Wicked. Thanks, you guys!

And thanks again to all of you for the suggestions; please keep the feedback coming.

Sanjoy Mahajan

The "view all comments" button is great. Even better, it could be made mostly unnecessary if the comments were displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the latest comments show up first in the list. (If the comment is a reply to a comment, I guess the whole thread would get moved up to the front, perhaps with a light gray background to indicate the new comment within the whole thread?)


I am an avid follower of the blog and actually spend more time on the comments than on the main posting. A feature that would help me is to order the comments by ratings. This is a feature that most other sites with user generated content have.

I also have a request that the search be improved and made semantic by issues, concepts etc. instead of being keyword based.


SO pumped about the print option.
I have been asking for this one for at least 2 years!!!