SuperFreakonomics E-Book on Sale for $3.99

HarperCollins is running a sale on the SuperFreakonomics e-book for the next few weeks, offering it via all digital vendors for $3.99. The book’s total worldwide sales are > 1 million.

Avander Promentory

Amazon will not be undersold:

Listed for $3.79 today.

Twould make the economists proud.


The reduced price may be available from all digital vendors, but certainly not to all customers. For example, Amazon.Com is refusing to sell it's reduced version to "Europe".

Is anyone aware of a site that will sell it to customers in Ireland?


No deal for Canada either.


I guess Israel is out of the deal too :( I can see it in Kobo but for $10.50 and not as advertised


Poland - Europe reduced price is there... but the list of retailers doesn't mention nothing about DRM, is there any retailers that sells SuperFreeconomics without restrictions?


Piper, which suppliers are quoting the reduced price for poland? TIA.

Piper for sure - bout it there.

Mike Mellor

I loved Superfreakonomics so much that I'm going to get Freakonomics as well.

Although the book is very colorful with lots of great, practical ideas too, I found all the sidebars distracting. They broke up the narrative flow and made the reading something of a chore.