FREAK-est Links

  1. Did an “academic dream team” help Obama win the election
  2. Bond economics: which Bond villain plans are economically viable? (HT: V. Brenner)
  3. Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde figures out how to create clouds indoors for an exhibition.
  4. Candy for quietness: police in Durham gave drunk students candy to quiet them. (HT: V. Brenner)
  5. The world’s “poorest president“: Uruguay’s Jose Mujica lives on a farm.


Can't help but wonder... Out here, it wasn't Obama who won the election, dream team or no dream team. It was Romney who lost it, by alienating just about everyone who was at all undecided. Forget the issues: it was the dozens of Romney/Ryan robocalls that ultimately lost them my vote. (The only Obama call that I remember was a live human...)


That Bond article: they need to get themselves a better economist. At least one that knows in Flanders fields poppies grow row on row. There are other issues but whatever. That's a world development bank employee for you.