the answer is yes- duh

Jim R

Seeing as it's an Arkansas area code with a very non-Arkansas setting, ( I found a similar picture on Flickr taken in NYC) I think there's a high chance truth is lacking.

Alexander J. Czisny

The area code is actually Alabama. Saying you found similar picture on Flicker is like saying you saw someone who looks like this person on the street.

asian brad

That's a middle Alabama area code! Anyone called it yet? Maybe it's Cullman, AL - there are a lot of Germans there.

Joel Upchurch

The University of Alabama is 205 Area code. 3.2% are nonresident aliens.


It's actually an Alabama area code.


The pic of course! :D

Salih Yasun

The odds are significantly low. If she managed to stay in the USA, that means she is either working or studying. In either of these cases her social circle must be good enough for her to find a partner, at least she would not be desperate to put up a poster.

Also why would she want to stay in the US that much? The living conditions in Germany are quite high, with generous unemployment benefits. There is no worth in taking such a risk and putting up phone number on the streets.

Andreas Moser

You don't know how boring Germany is.


Odds that all of the VERBAL information conveyed in this poster represents the truth - 100%.
Photographic information - female with hair, arms, and legs - probably nothing else truthful.
And it seems to be a Birmingham AL number.
On the other hand, it might be a great ad for a hooker, in which case the photo may be 100% truthful and nothing (besides the phone number and nationality) else.

Alexander J. Czisny

To actually answer Dubner’s question, the odds of everything on this poster conveying the truth is 1 in 3. How to get to that number? Look at the information conveyed:
- A marriage proposal – fake
- A photograph – fake
- German girl – fake
- She needs help to stay in the use – fake
- Leave a message – real, the criminal who put up the poster wants to call you back and scam you
- Phone number - real


There's also a darned good chance that the INS would have this brought to their attention, and would reject a green card application on the grounds that the marriage was a sham.

Andreas Moser

Not necessarily. You can find each other that way, but still begin a genuine love, relationship and marriage.


with both hands on the picture, I wounder why there is another person to take the picture......


tape is on the top of the picture, wind likely blowing the poster from the bottom, hold down the poster to get the best picture. .

emrah dincer

calling the number seems to be a great way to say goodbye to your kidneys :)


Is there an offer for a free copy of SuperFreakonomics for the first brave soul to call the number and report back? If I could only find a working payphone I would consider it.


It's a practical joke. This is just like writing "For a good time call..." and your math teachers phone number on the bathroom wall at the skating rink when you were 12.


0-10%. She may be German.