Calling All Data Memoirists

The statistician Andrew Gelman has asked us to publicize what sounds like a nifty project: a Year-in-the-Life look at what data hounds and statisticians actually do:

So here’s the plan. 365 of you write vignettes about your statistical lives. Get into the nitty gritty—tell me what you do, and why you’re doing it. I’ll collect these and then post them at the Statistics Forum, one a day for a year. I think that could be great, truly a unique resource into what statistics and quantitative research is really like. Also it will be perfect for the Statistics Forum: people will want to tune in everyday to see what comes next.

In an e-mail, he adds:

I think it would be a great service to the professions of quantitative research to get vignettes from a wide variety of statistical practitioners.  (I’d be interested in hearing what empirical economists do during their days too!)  So I’d like to spread the net wide and get lots of stories from people.

And yes, for those of you who read the agate type, this post goes in the Bygones Being Bygones file.


I have a degree in QBA, 1970 from a NY school... I'm retired and just use numbers and stats to rant in my comments with those that make stupid statements on FB. If anyone has any ideas to channel my skills and free time in more productive ways, feel free to contact me.

Gary Johnston

Dear Freak O Nomics,

I'm a school teacher that looks at data and statistics to help improve learning within my student population. I recently penned a post of how to disaggregate some standardized test data to identify groups that need more intervention. Perhaps it could be suitable for your readers.

Thanks for your consideration.

Gary Johnston

Malice in Wonderland

I seriously doubt anyone really cares about even a day in the life of a statistician let alone a whole year. Though Vlad's war against online idiots made me LOL a little bit.