The Undercover Economist's New Radio Series

Tim Harford, a.k.a. the Undercover Economist (also a Financial Times columnist) has a new radio series on the BBC called Pop-Up Economics:

The show is all about storytelling – and the stories are of remarkable lives or surprising ideas in economics. We’ll learn about the impromptu engineering genius Bill Phillips, the cold war guru Thomas Schelling, and life-saving market designer Al Roth. We’ll discover how the geeks took over poker, and what happened to them.

And the series begins with the innovation lessons from the London Olympics – or as we’ve called it, “Hot Pants vs. the Knockout Mouse.”

We’ll be tuning in.


will it be available in the US as a podcast?


I love freakeconomics! I would like to know an answer, why do online prices change so much?

I found this history of a tomtom when trying to buy one and it goes up and down like a yoyo!