FREAK-est Links

  1. You too can outsource your job to China.
  2. What are all those bacteria doing in the troposphere? (academic paper/press summary)
  3. How much of your state’s road budget is funded by the government?
  4. North Korea gets the Google Maps treatment.
  5. Israel 1 of 3: A (very very very) deep dive into the ouster of Shai Agassi from Better Place.
  6. Israel 2 of 3: Preparing for the Syrian war endgame in the Golan.
  7. Israel 3 of 3: Has someone already attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities?

Dr. Van Nostrand

#3: Do transportation studies ever take into account the cost of operating a car on public roads? This is a cost bore by the user.

It seems like this would be necessary to make an accurate comparison to mass transit costs


"How much of your state’s road budget is funded by the government?"

That's an easy one: ZERO. The government doesn't produce anything. All of government spending comes from collecting taxes from taxpayers. Therefore, the taxpayers--in one way or another--fund all of the road budget.