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Chainsaws and Podcasts

George Peterson, writing from North Carolina:

I thought you might like to hear this:  I am an artist who works with wood and I listen to a lot of podcasts and music during the work day. I was listening to the “Upside of Quitting” episode and at the beginning you say something about how perfect radio is for multitasking except maybe when  you are running a chainsaw, and then there is a little chainsaw sound effect.

Well, I was running a chainsaw at that moment and thought it was funny because I listen to podcasts all the time while using a chainsaw. I made up some custom headphones out of those noise-reduction earmuffs.  They keep out the noise and channel in the news and music.    

So, thanks for keeping me company while I work!  

His studio is called Circle Factory. Here is what George looks like when he is working: