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Explaining Love

Following my #lovedata challenge this morning, the first few attempts at explaining love around the world are already trickling in.

But first, the finding that blew my mind. Commenter Renars pointed out that the very data I had plotted—the proportion of people feeling love in a country on a typical day, versus a measure of GDP per capita (a measure of average income)–form a heart-shaped cloud. Really. Take a closer look at it. This may be the most amazing chart I’ve ever drawn.

And we’ve also got some other interesting results:

@justinwolfers on a hunch I tried #lovedata vs importance of religion. (via Not the answer. — Brian O’Hara (@Brian_OHara) February 14, 2013

@justinwolfers Some regional bias – controlling for GDP per cap, LAC and SSA more loved up than the rest! #lovedata — Tom McDermott (@Tom_Mc_D) February 14, 2013

OK, correlation may not imply causation, but still: Fascinating stuff. Keep ’em coming!