Terminal Illness: What Are the Best and Worst Airports?

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The end of semester crunch is in full swing here at Clemson, leaving me little time to write a new post at the moment. So I figured I’d let you do my work for me. Readers, weigh in: what is your favorite and least favorite airport, and why? I’ll collate and post the results soon.

Paul Page

Best - Hong Kong International
Worst - Atlanta Hartsfield


Favorite: Nashville Airport, not too big, good selection of food and is usually very clean in appearance and friendly staff

Least Favorite: St. Louis, the parking is completely disjointed, very dirty feel inside. Needs a good scrubbing it feels like and feels very cramped and compact once you're in it. Staff not friendly as well.

Carly Redfearn

Favorite: Charlotte, NC. Free wifi, lots of windows, rocking chairs in all new terminals, inexpensive parking, usually on-time flights
Least Favorite: IAH. Hard to get between terminals, dark, no windows, pre 9/11 design with security in every terminal, very few options for food


Best, believe it or not is Atlanta. Good rapid transit system. Easy design.

Worst, New Orleans. Cramped. Old. Long lines.

Alexis M

New York's LaGuardia Airport has been voted the worst airport of the nation and I totally agree with it.It's old, dirty and there is basically no real food past security.

Phil Billingham

Los Angeles is the worst. Very hostile and aggressive immigration officers treat incoming visitors on holiday like criminals. Most people I speak to - many of whom travel the world - have a hostile LAX story. Add 2 to 5 hour wait in line, and many people now avoid like the plague, preferring to travel elsewhere. But the USA advertises for our holiday money!

LAZ probably costs USA millions of dollars each year in reduced tourism.

Connor Cox

Newark, New Jersey- There are always delays, people are unfriendly, and the building is complicated and confusing to get around in.

Arlanda, Stockholm Sweden- Clean, safe, easy to fly in and out of, friendly staff, convenient for international flyers.


The worst airport I would say is London Heathrow. I never felt like an airport was so out of date or that the staff were so unhelpful as was at this Airport, it actually makes me not want to go back to London by plane.

My favourite airport however, is Schipol Airport in the Netherlands. This airport is so clean, and very clearly laid out. It's impossible to get lost or die of boredom since all stores are always open before the first boarding calls of the day.

Carla Companion

No matter what airline I fly into Detroit, I have to cross from one side of the universe to the other to make my connection. Even with an hour in between, I still sometimes only get to the gate in the nick of time.


worst airport is Dallas. Hate getting around in it. To big. And seems like I always have problems with my flights there.


Had a layover in Detroit but missed our flight and the next one wasn't til morning. They gave us(wife and I) 2 meal cards each and 2 hotel certificates. We joined our certificates together and got a suite. In the morning we just barely missed the bus in the morning that would take us back. They called and the bus returned for us. So many things that could have gone wrong but everything was handled for us. No least favorite. They've all pretty much gone par for the course except Detroit.


Seoul, South Korea is the best one I have ever been to by far. It is huge and has so many different shops to visit and foods to try. There is even a shop space set aside for cultural awareness of South Korean culture. It has South Korean music playing, shows traditional arts and dance, and has projects people can do and take with them. When I was there last, I was able to paint a wooden fan with the picture of a lotus flower.


JAX and BWI are my favorites and DFW and IAH are my least favorites


The best airport (as an eruopean) would be Frankfurt am Main, the Germans have a way of organizing things and making everything easy for you there, while the worst one is definitely Madrid-Barajas, they have an awful service, lack easy and clear instructions and it's most likely to get you to loose your connection flight than to help you get on a plane.


Favorite: MGA - Managua Nicaragua Airport - because you can buy oxycotin in the waiting area without a prescription to entertain yourself for the long flight to wherever you're going.

Least Favorite: LGA - New York LaGuardia Airport - because the place is a dump and an embarrassment to one of the world's greatest cities.


Back in college I lived out west but went to school in Boston. I always transferred at DIA (Denver). My connecting flight out of there was delayed and ultimately canceled so frequently that I started including overnight stuff in my bag. I did get to know the staff at the Double Tree pretty well, at least.


Best: Schiphol because it has a free museum, Hong Kong because it has the best muffins, Heathrow Terminal 5 because it's so airy and light that it doesn't feel like an airport, Kinmen because they get you checked in at super speed.
Worst: Catarman Philippines because they don't just weigh your luggage but also you, Heathrow all other terminals because that 1970s carpet is really in need of an overhaul, JFK because of the terminals in a loop, Dubai because it's very crowded and has no place to sit, Moscow Sheremetyevo because there's hardly any seating and the shopping is terrible.

Mandy Keyes

TPA: Tampa International Airport is by far the best airport I've ever been too, and I'm so lucky it's in my backyard! It's so easy to get around, everything is clearly marked, all the entrances to the terminals are in a big circle so you can't be far away even if you're heading to the wrong one, the tram service out to the terminals is fast and reliable, and the gates are arranged on a node, so it's really easy to get to where you need to go.

ORD: O'Hare is my least favorite airport, because it is so big and sprawling and complicated, and it's really hard to figure out where you're supposed to go. Even when you finally do, it takes SO long to get there. Connecting in O'Hare is hard because you don't know if it'll take a million years to get from one gate to the next. To be fair, I haven't been to a lot of other really large airports, so maybe they all have the same problem, but I've heard from other people who travel more than I do that O'Hare is needlessly complicated.


Alistair Cunningham

Favourite: Hong Kong. Good connectivity to the world, modern, clean, efficient, fast access from the city centre (where there's an in-town check-in) via dedicated train, good selection of shops and restaurants.

Least favourite: Miami. It used to be an ugly, unfriendly, crowded, poorly signposted, chaotic dump. Now that it's been refurbished I'm pleased to say that it's no longer ugly.


Houston. Immigration is slow and bad, plus many delays and cancelled flights. Mainly because of United Airlines though.