Pay After You Go?

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We’ve blogged extensively about pay-as-you wish pricing schemes. Springwise reports that a Spanish concert promoter is now experimenting with post-concert pay-as-you-wish pricing:

Spanish promoters Caravana de Emerxencia have recognized this problem and addressed it through their upcoming gig, where attendees can decide the price of the ticket when they leave.

The concert is taking place on April 4 at Sala Capitol in Santiago, northern Spain. Four bands will be playing on the night – SkarallaosChotokoeuSkarnivals 
and Swingdigentes. At the end of the evening attendees can pay whatever price they think the event deserves.

How do you like this plan? How do you think you would respond?


The evil game theorist in me wants them to set up several queues with different price levels so that they can count the distribution of donations, and overload the queues towards more expensive options.

1 Cheap line($0-$5)
2 Medium Lines($5-$20)
3 Expensive lines(Above $20)

Some people wanting to get out faster may switch to longer queues --> More money.

Eric M. Jones

Additional note: "Pay After You Go" wouldn't work at sports contests of almost any sort.

The Big Lead

I would leave without spending a dime on the ticket. I find very little satisfaction to be a martyr here.

I would likely have spent a good amount of money for an $8 hot dog or $7 elephant ear already.