Where to Find the Music in Freakonomics Radio Podcasts?

A few times a week, we get an e-mail like this one, from Oliver Breidenbach:

Hi guys,

I love the music you choose for the background of the podcast. Can you post a playlist on your site or let me know where I can find the music? I think many fans will enjoy that.

One reason we get this question so often is that the music in our podcasts is so good. So is, IMHO, the entire audio soundscape. All of that is primarily the doing of one man, David Herman, who is Freakonomics Radio’s sound engineer/technical director/trivia repository — and more.

As for where to learn about the music: we recently started listing the music credits in each show’s transcript, which accompanies the blog post published with each episode. Our podcast archive page is here. Enjoy!


wonderful tonight

Ana Matt

No music listed on the transcript for The Cobra Effect!


This still doesn't make it very easy to find the songs. Why not make a playlist on Spotify for each episode?

Tony Wilcox

Great taste in music David Herman


Hi guys, wonderful show and awesome music.. still can't find the music information though in the transcripts. Would be great if the music list could be found easier than this?

Pretty please!!



Hi David:

Looking for the name of the music being played on the outtro to this episode: http://www.freakonomics.com/2013/06/12/why-family-and-business-don%E2%80%99t-mix-a-new-marketplace-podcast/

Please and thanks.


yes, still cant find the music, shame, its soo good and I want it all.

please share!


Crawled the site for [MUSIC: ...] and found 136 songs. Ivy was able to recognize 60 of them on Spotify. Here is a link to the playlist: http://open.spotify.com/user/andynor/playlist/6BvaERimeLjzciEshOxsNX

Rolfe McAfee

I wanted to find out the main theme music you use at the opening of every podcast and download to my ipod, but it is not listed in the transcript. I found a reference to "Mr Fortune" by the Hitch Hikers elsewhere on the internet, but when I listen to a sample on itunes, it has vocals.

Looking for the dowloadable theme music that you use on every podcast, without the vocals. Can you help?

Love the show. It stretches my mind regularly.



I laaaoooveee the music in the freakonomics podcast! one of the first "best parts" that caught my ear. It didn't take long to realize that it isn't just the music; it's the way it's used. Truly the best audio production I've experienced. Dave doesn't just have good taste in music, he creates/supports the tone of subjects perfectly. It can't be easy to do. His mental music catalogue must be HUGE.

Joseph Gregg

I'm desperately seeking the music on an older episode, before you started listing the tracks on the audio transcript.

The episode is "Billionaires Vs. Millionaires" 02/24/2011

The song lyrics are: "All I want is union, oh lord. All I want is union, oh lord. Union raise my wages, oh lord." It sounds like an old negro spiritual.

I have tried every search I can possible think of on google for lyrics and midomi.com. Nothing!

Please help, I'm begging ya!

Scott Martin

Hi, I would LOVE to have a Freakonomics theme tune ringtone for my phone. Please make one for iTunes and other legit markets. And yes, I would gladly pay the going rate for the ringtone. As a donor to WNYC for the sole reason to keep Freakonomics Radio podcasts on the air, I feel a sense of entitlement for such a unique and conversation starting ringtone. Love your show and ALL the music. Well Done!

Don Rockbrune

Can you post a complete list of the music from the podcast soundtracks. It is extremely time consuming to go over each podcast archive to manually write it out. The music, without a doubt, is an important part of the charm of the eclectic topics. Continue the great work. Regards.