The Human Zoo

If you’re a fan of behavioral economics on the radio, check out BBC Radio 4’s new weekly program The Human Zoo. It is hosted by Michael Blastland, a journalist, and Nick Chater, professor of behavioral science at the University of Warwick. Chater is also on the advisory board of the British Government’s Behavioral Insights Team (or “Nudge Unit”), which you heard about in the Freakonomics podcast “The Tax Man Nudgeth.” Human Zoo episodes are accompanied by online experiments.


I'm guessing the name is a reference to the book of the same name by Desmond Morris. The basic premise of the book is that modern humans do all sorts of things that are carry-overs from evolution. I recall about 15-20 years ago, when Discovery ran a series based on the book (and Morris's other book, "The Naked Ape"). Probably the first form of behavioral economics/Freakonomic type thinking I can recall.