Another $1,000 at Stake in the Gneezy-List Book Title Experiment

A couple weeks ago, Uri Gneezy and John List asked our blog readers to come up with titles for their new book.  And our readers did not disappoint!  There were over 400 suggestions, many of them brilliant.

The authors and their editors have now narrowed it down to five choices, and they once again are asking for your help in deciding on the final title.  There is no better way to solicit that input than — you guessed it — a field experiment.  To get you interested, they are putting up another $1,000 in prizes to participants.

The rules are simple: You go here and answer  two simple questions.

First, you will be asked to choose which of the five titles you think will be the most popular among all the respondents.  They don’t want to know your favorite title, they want to know the title you think other people will like best.

Second, you will be asked to choose how you would like to be compensated if you are one of the people who successfully chooses the title most frequently picked by others.  There is $1,000 to be split amongst you and six options for splitting it:

  • 2 prizes of $500
  • 4 prizes of $250
  • 10 prizes of $100
  • 20 prizes of $50, or
  • Divide the $1,000 equally among all the people who chose the winning title 

They will take into account the preferences of the respondents in dividing up the money.

The only other rule is one entry per person.

The survey will be open for two days.  After that I will report back with the results. 

Good luck…I know which title I’m picking!


I don't know how many participants are expected, but this is not a coalition-proof game!


A very creative way of making sure that the authors aren't forced to choose titles they don't prefer themselves, and still have the popularity contest as promised-
You don't choose a favourite title and a possible popular title. You only choose a possible popular title.
And on the way they've generated enough buzz amongst the target market.
Kudos you economists you! :)


If the potential names aren't randomly presented each time- the first choice may be selected most.

Enter your name...

I loaded the page several times, and they do move around.


Hi, I'm just wondering why you are asking people what title they think will be popular, instead of what title they like best? Is this because you want to evaluate what the people who read this blog think of the general public?


This might be more about the payout quesiton and less about a title regarding 'Hidden Economics'

Steve Cebalt

Shoot! I saw this too late; the survey is closed. I'd love to know the 5 finalists!


Me too -- late to the game. What were the 5 finalists?

Bala N.

Hi. Any news on this please. The survey has closed. Where could I get to see the five candidare titles and the winner. Thanks! / Nary