How to Skip Military Service in Iran: Give a Kidney

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Iran already has one of the most radical kidney policies in the world. Now Nobel laureate Al Roth reports on his blog that the country’s military is offering an incentive to boost supply:

Google translate renders the headline “Donate one of your kidneys to be exempted from military service.”

I am assured on good authority that the story says that kidney donors will be exempted from military service.

Here’s how Google Translate renders the story: “Acting Human Resources department Stadkl Armed Forces exemptions from military service the soldiers announced the donor organ. According to ISNA, General Moussa Kamali on donor exemption from military service, said the donor organ to make it happen efficiency, We’ll exempt him from military service. According to him, for example, people who donate one of his kidneys has been the inclusion of medical waivers are exempt from military service. Stadkl Armed Forces Acting Human Resources department stating Srfdashtn donation card member, was not the reason for exemption from military service, said those who donate their organ, even during military service are exempt from military service.”

Random Guy

It got a bunch of Serbs out of military service, too, though not by choice:

steve cebalt

Excellent idea. Many incentives could be applied. "Reduce one year from a prison sentence." "Part of a path to Citizenship." "Tax Credit." "Cash."

Death row inmates could donate ALL their viable organs in exchange for special perks in their final month (luxury meals three times a day, conjugal visits with loved ones or proxies, i.e. prostitutes, unlimited use of recreational drugs that wouldn't harm the organs; etc.)

Here's an even more radical approach:


Are you kidding??!!!
In Iran military service is not mandatory for sick or week people you choose one of the parts of law and made fun with it.In Iran there are many ways to spend military service like work in some companies in your field or work that you have learned...