FREAK-est Links

  1. In Nashville, Tenn., homicide is at a historic low. (HT: Wesley Hartline)
  2. We investigated suicide in our podcast “The Suicide Paradox“; The New York Times profiles Matthew K. Nock, Harvard’s “suicide detective.”
  3. Does price affect adoption? NPR reports that black babies are cheaper to adopt.  (HT: Eric Samuelson)
  4. Why do theater tickets cost so much? A comparison of “Death of a Salesman” ticket prices in 1949 and 2012.
  5. In India, proof of toilet is necessary for a marriage license.  (HT: Tony Pappas)


I live in Nashville! The MNPD has done a great job in disrupting gang activity in the rougher parts of town.

Wesley H

I'd love to hear from commenters why they think a city/county area that has grown from 170k in the 1960's to 600k in the 2010's would see rates this low for the first half of 2013.


How to account for all those celebrities adopting black babies? Surely they have the big bucks to spend on getting white babies. It's like a fad, or something.... I know of two families (one is a single woman) who adopted black children, the family a one year old. the single woman adopted a young teenager. They wanted to be parents, were not following a 'fad', were foster parents first and just loved those children and wanted to adopt, so they did. No word on how much it 'cost', I don't believe $$$ entered into the equation...And my babysitter did adopt a child from the state, a young girl. I asked once if she went through a particular agency, and she very non-chalantly said, "oh, no, I got her through the welfare department, just like that!" !!!