Can You Change Your Destiny With Palm Surgery?

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The Daily Beast reports that palm surgery is on the rise in Japan:

In Japan, where palm reading remains one of the most popular means of fortune-telling, some people have figured out a way to change their fate. It’s a simple idea: change your palm, change the reading, and change your future. All you need is a competent plastic surgeon with an electric scalpel who has a basic knowledge of palmistry. Or you can draw the lines on your hand with a marker and let him work the magic you want.

Missing a marriage line? That can be fixed. Wedding bells may ring.

Need some good fortune? Add a money-luck line and you might win the lottery or be promoted to vice president in your firm. For the smart shopper—one willing to undergo palm plastic surgery—the future isn’t what it used to be.

The surgery is evidently so popular that clinics don’t need to advertise.  In fact, one clinic’s brief advertising campaign resulted in so much demand they found themselves unable to keep up. “Maybe changing your palm won’t change your fate,” says plastic surgeon Takaaki Matsuoka, “but if you have that much determination to try to change it—and are willing to endure a little pain for that chance—maybe you can change your life.”

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Doubt that. The lines change form every 40 days and are formed inside out...
Unless, the magic scalpel can move your blood streams, and change your cell growth :D


How in the world can the lines "change form"? Do you mean by micro millimeters? Do my crows feet change form, too (oh wait, yes they do, I keep getting more!)

Anyway, this is stupid and proves they have too much time and money. It's like you are born under the sign of Pisces but you don't like being seen as an airhead Pisces, you want to be a strong confident Leo - so you just go around saying your birthday is in July instead. You're still a Pisces.


Your palm should know that you are planning on surgery and read accordingly.


Of course it's going to change your future, just not in the way you expected:
You are now 1 surgery in debt, and 1 hand less able to work, though in the end you hopefully end up 1 painful experience smarter.


These people need brain surgery.


Or retrophrenology:


I am really surprised.. I mean I highly and strongly doubt the existence of any (I won't even say causation), but correlation between your palm and your future. There are so many other variables that affect our future, possibly our educational background, our social status, fate, but definitely not that.

Robert Winston Mercy

I have been involved in the study of Dermatoglyphics [an advanced form of palmistry] for multiple decades and found your article of great interest. To be brief, it might be less painful and expensive to those looking to alter their lives for the better were they to do a quick study of graphology, which reveals hidden character traits and dispositions through handwriting. A current hypothesis is that one can amend their character and fate by altering their writing to correct those scriptural marking that denote a negative nature. The concept works for reasons too intricate and lengthy to post here, and fully concur with Dr. Taakaaki's analysis---seemingly, all roads lead to Rome.


So...if I have cute girly handwriting and can't get a raise, I change my handwriting to something more 'manly' and voila! my life is changed! ..... O_o....this article is certainly bringing the woo crowd out.

John Rogerson

Anytime you bring awareness to an issue in your life you change it. Everything in our existence, everything, is symbolic and meaningful uniquely to us. A snake may mean one thing to one person and something entirely else to another. Its never the thing, but our relationship to that thing. How you see something tells you about you not what you believe you are seeing. Thus all judgment is self judgment.

Our feet hands and ears all have meridian points that map on to our entire bodies. As you move an illness or issue your points shift slightly. Since our reality is holographic if only one person sees the truth eventually everyone will. Since our reality is also Quantum then as you change something it moves out in all directions. You cure an imbalance in yourself and it will resolve the DNA of not just your progeny but also your ancestors. Change your thoughts and you will change your appearance. Change the tone of what you post and you will shift your life in tune with that tone. Look at your world and you will see yourself. John

Check out Chinese face reading. You will find it very very accurate. So as we


Robert Winston Mercy

Dear Anonymous, I concur with your assessment that the graphology approach might be the wrong modality to rectify what your life's stumbling block, which your derisively presented "cute girly handwriting"analogy so clearly reveals. I'd venture that a psychosexual therapeutic approach might more readily address your identity and emerging a anger issues.


Reading your obtuse horse puckey about changing one's writing to change one's life (that IS what you were laboring to convey?) I used 'girly handwriting' as an EXAMPLE. You didn't answer the question, how does altering your handwriting change your fate? It's irrelevant anyway, as cursive writing is on the decline and your life's work will be for naught. (And what does it have to do with palm surgery in Japan, anyway?)


Maybe in the post-handwriting era, "graphology" morphs into predicting character from font choice, or the way one strokes the touch screen. (Hey, is there an app for that already?)

Still, despite technological change, one thing at least remains constant. "Illic 'potator natus minutatim", or in the modern vernacular, "there's a sucker born every minute".

Robert Winston Mercy

To Anonymous, the "horse-puckey" you refer to in my comments, obtuse or otherwise, reveals again your unfamiliarity---and reluctance to accept, a field of endeavor [Graphology] that you have no experience in. I must correct you again, I did not "labored" to convey anything, but suggested initially that opposed to undergoing palm surgery in hope of altering one's fate a more economical and less painful option might be to investigate the possibility of changing certain aspects of your handwriting to achieve the same desired ends. I'll add, too, that I thinks the operation wouldn't correct a thing in the patient's psyche or persona. With graphology for example, if one knows their are overly guarded and/or deceitful in their exchange with people and would rather be more gregarious and open [think salesperson or public relations] they might consider a quick analysis of their scroll. They in all probability would have habitually 'locked' or double knot their scripted vowels. Making the consciously effort to correct this each time its noted reminds the conscious and unconscious self of its shortcomings and as the scrip corrections become habit the flaw [in theory] corrects itself via the effort. How a persons crosses a "T" is also character giveaway as to say, the finesse and temperament of the author. These are but two examples of what I allude to.



Even accepting that your view of graphology is accurate, how many people these days hand-write anything but a scribbled signature?


Does it really make sense? What about them who don’t have hands?? Palm reading is one of the most popular forms of fortune-telling but how the change of lines by a surgery can change the fate too is out of my comprehension.
From Greeks down to this time, the riddle of fatalism has never been resolved. We have a long list of classic writers who showed how man is entangled in the zigzag of fate; in fact they showed man as a puppet in the hands of destiny. If this is so, can plastic surgery change your destiny?? The answer is emphatically “No”



Of course it doesn't, but old supertitious nonsense dating back to ancient times, when humans tried to make sense of the world, still hangs on. And there's money to be made off of palm reading, let's not forget that. There are suckers born every minute even in the 21st Century. Carl Sagan wrote a whole book about superstition, he would be saddened to read this, if he was still alive.