FREAK-est Links

  1. Drew Brees criticized for not tipping enough for takeout. (HT: Steve Schwinger)
  2. The People’s Daily Online Public Opinion Monitoring Center: where the Chinese government collects data on Chinese public opinion.
  3. The women of the “Opt-Out Revolution” are ready to lean in.
  4. In South Korea, where 93 percent of students graduate from high school, “rock star” teachers earn millions.
  5. Is Boeing buying back old 747s to drive demand for new ones?

Caleb B

Tipping on take: generally no, but if I go somewhere often, and it's a family owned place, and they know me. I *might* throw in an extra two bucks.


From the article: "Of the 19 older 747s that have changed hands so far this year, Boeing has snapped up seven..."

I'm surprised the number is so low. 693 747-400s were built (says Wikipedia) starting in 1988, so all are 25 years old or younger, and 25 years is a typical lifespan for an airliner, so almost all should still be in use. I'd expect these to be resold every 10 years or so. With ~700 planes and 10% sold per year, that should be about 70 sales per year, much more than 19 per half year as stated.

Perhaps many of them are owned by airliner leasing companies, and although they may change which airline they fly for every 10 years, ownership would not change in this case.