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Freakonomics Experiments Lottery Winners

(Photo: Robbie Biller)

(Photo: Robbie Biller)

If you have a tough decision to make, wander on over to So far we’ve helped more than 20,000 people make decisions, and the preliminary results look great.

As an incentive to get people who tossed coins at Freakonomics Experiments to complete follow-up surveys, we promised to give away prizes via lottery. As evidence we kept our word, the complete list of winners is here:

Trip: Katie Roderick

$1,000: Philippos Savvides

$500: Brandon Morelli

$250: Richard Valencia


Aditya Singhal
Alexander Duvall-Pelham
Amanda Biggerstaff
Andrew William Curran
Charles R. Williams
Claire Lawton
Corey Jordin
Daniel Baier
Daniel Uhl
David Anthony McClellan
David Yang
Deborah Bancroft
Elizabeth Allen
Glory Fink
Harsh Mall
Jason Strickland
Jeff Love
Jonathon Arthur Bayer
Joseph Ostanski
Kaitlin Geiger
Kerri Rose
Kerry Coughlin
Larry Sussman
Lucy Hesse
Malia Ann North
Marisa Cotilletta
Melinda Brynn Cable
Mike Duprey
Nancy Allison Hatfield
Pat Smith
Paulo Gomes
Regan Rendon
Robert John Munro
Scott Doane
Tara Philip
Woubet Kassa
Yang tse-pan


Elizabeth Anne Sclater
Harrison Morgan
Judith Conley
Rob MacPherson
Tom DiCato
Vicente Meschi Gajardo
Wanru Tseng

The grand-prize winner, Katie Roderick, flew from Texas to Chicago with her husband for an all-expenses-paid trip to Chicago that included dinner with me and the rest of the Freakonomics Experiments team. I think it is safe to say that Katie got more than she bargained for. After an enjoyable dinner, we walked out of the restaurant and waited to have the car retrieved from valet parking. All of the sudden, we found ourselves smack in the middle of the annual Chicago naked bike ride. I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say there were more than 2,000 bike riders, many completely naked, slowly pedaling their way past us for 15 or 20 minutes. When you hang with the Freakonomics team, you never know what excitement is right around the corner.

There will be more prizes in the future, so keep flipping coins if you’ve got some hard decisions in front of you, whether it’s quitting your job, breaking up with your boyfriend, or participating in next year’s naked bike ride.