I'll Have the Muslim Meal, Thanks

American Airlines encourages passengers to pre-book their meals online:


(Photo: chinaoffseason)

(Photo: chinaoffseason)

Why “kosher,” I wonder, but “Muslim” rather than “halal”? Should the “kosher” meal be “Jewish” instead? American, it turns out, is hardly the only airline to use this terminology. Don’t know why, but unparallel nomenclature always gets my attention …


Most Muslims that I have known are relatively relaxed when it comes to Halal food. The faith makes allowances for those in non-Muslim surroundings and getting as close as possible for the region you are in is generally considered to be good enough.

Maybe the certification is in the works, maybe it's too expensive, or maybe there's no widely accepted certification authority for Halal. My guess is that the meals aren't certified (or certifiable) as Halal but are close enough for most Muslims who find themselves on an airline full of infidels.


My pet peeve on the subject of unparallel nomenclature is the use of "woman" as an adjective, as in "woman engineer."

Daniel Keough

BYOM, and you can call it what you want. (=

Terry Baiko

I always order a Muslim meal on airlines.
Always good and spicy.
Usually get served first. (:)D
They do not run out of my meal.
If meat, it is Halal.... not the dead things served in 'american' meals.
We have raised poultry, goats and sheep and are very aware of
how commercial products are contaminated with antibiotics, hormones,
stress feeding.. ( A read of T. Grandin's ANIMALS IN TRANSLATION proves informative.)
Kosher would probably be OK, but it is seldom interesting.

Friedrichs' Angels

They probably do it for consistency with "Hindu Meals", it's the kosher label which is incorrect