A Baby Name That Really Tells You Something About the Parents

The underlying point of everything we’ve ever written about baby names is that the name is essentially the parents’ signal to the world of what they think of their kid — whether it’s a signal of tradition, religion, aspiration, affiliation, or whatnot.

Here is a very pure example of that principle: a baby named Colt .45 Stratemeyer. It’s via Jim Romenesko, from a birth announcement in the Tillamook (Oregon) Headlight-Herald:

Colt .45 Stratemeyer was born Nov. 26, 2013 at Tillamook Regional Medical Center. He weighed seven pounds, two ounces. He joins his older brother, Hunter Allen Stratemeyer, 3. Baby Colt’s parents are Joshua and Rebekah Stratemeyer of Toledo.

I assume the announcement is legitimate, though I can’t say for certain. I am guessing there are fiction writers out there who could write a short story or maybe even a novel with no more inspiration than this birth announcement.


Let us not forget that "John Wayne _______" is the favored name for many a serial murderer. Hear "Ethan, Buffy, Ava, Jake" and you think snooty yuppies. Hear "John Wayne____" and you think loner with kidnapped women in basement.


The birth announcement is real. I'm from Tillamook. Although this is a name I would never chose for my child, it is a legal name that the parents have chosen. The parents are far from "white trash" or "neo nazis." I know the mother's family and they are upstanding citizens who have lived in our town for decades.
This is a rural town in a rural region of the PNW. Hunting, fishing, and other outdoor endeavors are a way of life. It is NOT a "backwoods" area...just small town. It isn't as if we are far from civilization...just a jaunt over a mountain pass.
Many of you seem to enjoy bashing these parents. However, what you are really doing is setting the stage for judgement towards this little BABY. I can bet that if this kid is bullied for his name, the bullying will probably come from children of parents like YOU!


It is a legal name, his parents are normal hard working tax paying people that checked with vital records to make sure it was legal. I'm that little boys grandfather and I'm disappointed in how rude people are. He was named after a gun so what. Guns and brave soldiers are what has liberated this country and kept it free so rude people like some of you can say what you want about a mom and dad naming their child


The discussion here just shows that intended or not, what name you choose for your child WILL have an impact or emotional response by those that hear or see it. Even more so if you choose a more unique or unusual name. Standing out from the crowd can also make you a target.

Glen Linscheid

This little flap illustrates how ignorant and foolish Americans in the 21rst century have become. The father, who happens to work for me, enjoys the shooting sports. So, the kid will be called "Colt" everywhere he goes, there are many people named Colt.
Firearms ownership and shooting sports are still legal as long as America really is America, and like it or not millions of us enjoy owning and shooting firearms, myself included. Now, you citiots who haven't the slightest clue of how much fun you can have with a gun, and automatically assume that guns are evil, would be surprised to learn that I own at least 50 guns, and I envy many who own several times as many. I, and almost ALL gun owners, have NEVER shot anyone with our guns, but, if we ever do it will be because we have to. To defend our lives! As long as your schools don't teach personal responsibility young people will become criminals who get kicks out of killing people better than themselves. Good luck to all you drone libtards when YOU need to defend your lives, you won't have the means.
Think about that when you have seconds to live and the police are minutes or hours away.