Sure-Fire Baby Names

Abby Haglage reports in The Daily Beast of an apparent uptick in firearm-inspired baby names.

In 2002, only 194 babies were named Colt, while in 2012 there were 955. Just 185 babies were given the name Remington in 2002, but by 2012 the number had jumped to 666. Perhaps the most surprising of all, however, is a jump in the name Ruger (America’s leading firearm manufacturer) from just 23 in 2002 to 118 in 2012. “This name [Ruger] is more evidence of parents’ increasing interest in naming children after firearms,” Wattenberg writes. “Colt, Remington, and Gauge have all soared, and Gunner is much more common than the traditional name Gunnar.”

Okay, that’s all well and good, but if parents really want to show their gun bona fides, how about going all-out and naming your kid Colt .45?

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"We named you after the malt liquor we drank when you were made."


Being named Colt .45 might cause someone to think you were named after the malt liquor.


Any hits for Glock? Beretta I guess still just brings up memories of the 70s TV show...


My son is Wilson after the founder of "Wilson arms" if it counts. But, it was my husband's Grandfather so I vote that it's a family name.


Some of it depends on context: to a horse person, neither guns nor malt liquor are the first things to come to mind when you see the name "Colt". I suppose it'd be analogous to naming your daughter Fawn or Brandy.


"Gunner is much more common than the traditional name Gunnar"

Correlation ≠ Causation

I suspect many of these parents are likely just kind of slow and misspelling Gunnar.


Oh, they're slow, but not that slow. If they sit fuming and polishing their beloved guns as a major part of their free time, it will be "Gunner", absolutely! Can't name a Murican kid with a furriner name.


I wonder if some of the Colts are named after QB Colt McCoy, who has the greatest football name I've ever heard.


Barkevious Mingo


Not better than Mack Strong?

Cal Ashnikoff

Wonder how many kids are named Glock or Smith-Wesson?


Heckler and/or Koch?


Only if they're twins :-)


They may not be naming them after the firearms, but paying tribute to the place where conception took place. Like at a gun range. (Just so happens I have friends who are soon to be parents & ......... REALLY!!!!!)


Well Colleen, apparently you & I are the only ones not reading all kinds of deep psychological crap into this. Ease up folks,'s another trend in names. "Moon Unit" will probably have another run along with "Dew Drop" if you wait long enough!

Shane L

I wonder if use of gun-related names in the US may be related to the election of Obama and some popular speculation that he would enforce stricter gun control? Gun rights seem to be part of some people's identities, so a perceived challenge might provoke them to name their children with firearms, defiantly passing their identity down through their families.

Incidentally, "Flamethrower" would be a phenomenal name.


Yes, they have nothing else, poor things. Clinging to guns and religion, and why not?

"Bullet" and "Anna Maria Theresa" - boy and girl - that should cover it.


It's funny, but all the gun owners* I know seem to quite prosperous, and no more religious than the average. I'd say the term 'poor things' would be better applied to those who can't distinguish blatant political name-calling from reality.

*Which out here in the west is pretty much everyone.


In 1985 we named our child Colt because we liked the name of the Lee Majors' character, Colt Sievers, on the TV show, "The Fall Guy!"


See, that's perfectly OK, I think "Colt" is a fine name, and named after a TV character? nothing wrong with that! That's where a lot of people fix on names for their kids. .... If you name a kid "Colt" because you so love your guns that you stockpile them against the gummint (and would not-so-secretly love to shoot someone whose politics rub you the wrong way) - that's when a gun name goes wrong. Just my opinion.