Win a Think Like a Freak T-Shirt or Signed Copy: What Are the Three Hardest Words to Say?

In our forthcoming Think Like a Freak, the second chapter is called “The Three Hardest Words in the English Language.”

I’m not going to tell you here what we argue are the three hardest words to say (although you can find out pretty easily by glancing at the Table of Contents). I want to know what you think are the three hardest words for people to say, especially in public. And by “hard,” I am not talking about pronunciation, although I guess I’m not not talking about pronunciation either.

The best answer that is left in the comments — as voted by a secret quorum of Freaks — will win you a signed copy of Think Like a Freak or a new Think t-shirt, your choice.

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I am dead.

Geoff Wolfram

I imagine the three hardest English words for people to say are "I was wrong"

Jason Dhaliwal

I was wrong.

Isaac White

I don't know

Luis Jurado

Cinnamon, freakonomics, gobbledygook


In this apparent meritocratic society, "I need help"


"I was wrong" (as evidenced by how rarely this is heard, particularly by politicians and businesspeople)

Matthew bond

The three hardest words to say are "I need help" because when you are in public especially away from those you know it is difficult to ask others for aid.


"It's my fault."

Everyone's instinct is to blame or deflect. Whether it's workplace, spouse, kids, whatever. We hate to admit we're wrong. Taking ownership and saying "it's my fault" is a learned practice.

Misty Boring

I don't know. I'm not sure if my last entry went thru


"It's my fault"

Chris Strawn

government knows best

Rachel Collier

The three words are "I don't know"

Alex O


Steven Bailey

I think it is "you are right." This is always difficult to say when my wife and I get into some disagreement and through our battle of wits, one of us is clearly decided the victor.


Three hardest things to say are:

"I was wrong."
"I am sorry."
"I love you."


I am wrong.


I am wrong.


What are the three hardest words to say? I don't know...


Hardest words to say - I reckon it's gotta be "you're right" or "I'm wrong"