Think Like a Freak Is Out Today — Win a Signed Copy Here!

book-TLaFToday’s the day: Think Like a Freak has just been published. Levitt and I will spend a lot of the next few weeks doing interviews for various TV, radio, print, web, and other media outlets. So how about we spice things up a bit and, at the same time, give you the chance to win a signed copy? (Winners of last week’s giveaway contest will be announced later today.)

Here’s the deal: in the comments section below, enter a word or short phrase that you’d like us to slip into one of our interviews. If we use your secret phrase, you win a signed copy of Think Like a Freak (or, if you prefer, a Think t-shirt).

Maybe this secret phrase is the name of a beloved late pet that you’d love to hear name-checked on CBS This Morning or Charlie Rose. Maybe it’s your childhood street, or a favorite phrase from a favorite movie, that you’d like to hear us mention during an NPR interview or The Tim Ferris Show or Mike Pesca‘s new podcast The Gist. Maybe you’re a golfer and you have a redonkulous swing thought that you’d get a kick out of hearing on CNN or MSNBC.

The key is that your word or phrase must be distinctive enough to have meaning but not so outlandish that we won’t be able to work it into an interview.

Good luck!


Either one of my two favorite quotes from Brewster's Millions (oddly both involving farmers):
"You're not a farmer... you don't have to swing at sh.. in the dirt."
"Think of what that means to all those thirsty Arab farmers..."


"a perfectly cromulent word"

Tim Wolff

Living the dream


The owls are not what they seem.

Alex Thim

"Snap Crackle Pop"

Frank Roth

"...the difference between dawn and dusk..."


Easy: Mind The Gap
Medium: Baba Booey
Difficult: Deepthroat


"A Slightly Darker World"

Tricia Waguespack

"Lady Catherine de Bourgh"


My mother was an acrobat!

Barry Forrest

Get to the chopper


"Mackerel from the Faroe Islands"

Benjamin Carrion

"Newton's fourth law"



"setec astronomy"

Lorrie Trogden

Down in Fraggle Rock


Hard pressed


How's the view from the fence?


"Here's looking at you, kid."


Hard pressed for an answer


"Great Odin's Raven!"