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Book Tour Advice From a Reader

Think Like a Freak is out today, and so the book tour begins.

In our latest podcast, Levitt talked about how much he dreads going on book tours. He claims to not like being the center of attention, and having to talk to so many people. (Between you and me, I’m not sure he hates it as much as he says.)

Hearing Levitt’s complaints, a listener named Cy Helm has written in with some advice for Levitt:

These are based on my experience as a consultant with the Birkman Method. One of my instructors described himself much as Dr. Levitt did.

1. Think Penn & Teller. Dubner plays Penn Jillette, Levitt plays Teller, who never talks.

2. Dubner signs first, and tires out the fans with his witty conversation, so Levitt just smiles and signs.

3. Have a plate of bacon handy. It’s impolite to talk with food in your mouth.

4. If possible, leave immediately after speaking. Let Dubner handle the Q&A.

5. Make Houston, TX, one of the stops on your tour. In case you didn’t know, the deep-fried Twinkie was introduced at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. That might be a stretch, but it gives a good sense of the quality of our junk food. Dubner can eat at Harvest Grille, and Levitt at Taco Cabana.

Very clever fellow, that Cyrus. Makes me wish our tour took us to Houston.