Is Microsoft Word Biased Against Microeconomists?

Considering its own company name, you wouldn’t think so. But here’s what I ran into during a recent spell-check:

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 4.25.36 PM


They don't even suggest a hyphenated version :(


Probably when they manage to include a decent equation editor that microeconomist can use they will also update their dictionary!


Interestingly they're happy enough with microeconomics

Jerry S

That there is a smoking gun... Guilty!

Steve Nations

Yes, but very small economists should be very happy with the options.

By the way, this very blog autocorrected "microeconomist" to "macroeconomist".


See that "add" button to the right? That is how you add it to your user dictionary.


Just as ironic, Facebook says the word "facebook" is misspelled in their comment section.


In my Mac (not in MS Word), when I type microeconomist it also suggest macroeconomist, etc.

There is some reasons behind? ;)


My student who works at MS says he will have them fix this.