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Unintended Consequences of Anti-Police Protests in New York

1. According to the New York Post: “The NYPD is pulling detectives from homicides and other investigations to help deal with the endless barrage of anti-cop protests in the city, law-enforcement sources told The Post Monday.”

2. The anti-police protests are, in one way at least, rewarding the very police officers whom the protestors wish to punish, with nearly $23 million in overtime going to cover “the equivalent of 38,700 tours of duty since Dec. 3,” according to commissioner Bill Bratton.

3. The protests have also led most New York precincts to cancel their Christmas parties. According to DNAInfo: “The officers, who pay for their precincts’ holiday parties themselves, also don’t want to risk putting in money if there’s a chance they’ll be called out to work overtime the night of the party.”