New Miracle Sleep Aid Discovered!

From a podcast listener named Jessica Graham in Sydney, Australia:

My name is Jess and for most of my adult life I have been afflicted by various forms of sleeplessness.

Would I call it insomnia? I don’t know if it could be classified as clinical insomnia, but all I can say is up until a few months ago I did dread that point in the night where you turn off the light (where normal people drop off to sleep within a matter of minutes) and where, I, on the other hand, would spend many hours tossing and turning as my brain would come up with a thousand and one things to ruminate over instead of journeying peacefully to the land of nod.

What happened to change this dire situation you ask? I now religiously download my Freakonomics podcasts well in advance, pop my headphones on, tune in with anticipation as invariably my mind slowly melds into a soft fuzzy somnambulistic state as I listen to the dulcet tones of Stephen J. Dubner!


Mike Roberts

I have heard a few people say that, perhaps doctors should prescribe the podcasts for insomnia?

Only joking guys, keep up the good work. Yawn.


Umm...isn't work stress and schedules the ONLY cause of insomnia today?

Also, I don't decide when I wake up or go to bed, my employer does. So even if my body works better, going to bed, say at 2AM and then waking up at 10AM, it doesn't matter because the job dictates when sleep happens, at the very least when a person MUST wake up. Its not up to the individual, their biological clock or even their physician to determines when "sleep happens".

So, can we please stop dancing around the real causes for people not getting enough sleep in America?

The problem is the way we earn money, how we are employed and how "job creators" can dictate lifestyles, PERIOD!


Not to get off the topic here, but...

Your employer decides who they will employ, and what working hours best support their business.
You have the freedom to choose where you will apply for employment.

Of course, I appreciate that it can be difficult to secure a job that aligns with all your goals, but to suggest that job creators can "dictate" lifestyles is a poisonous suggestion in my opinion.


Yes, job creators can “dictate” lifestyles".

Stop covering for them, you apologist! Are we living in different countries? I'm in the USA, where are you? You seem to have missed the changes in the employer/employee relationship in the last 20 years?

There is plenty of evidence supporting this as FACT! Here are a few sample articles for you to read and brush up on, since you obviously don't live in reality:

Can employers dictate where employees live? by David Robinson, 6/28/2009

Can your company force you to be healthy? by Maya Dollarhide, 7/1/2008

Should your employer be able to dictate your health care choices? by Elizabeth Hayes, 7/3/2014

Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Some Employers To Dictate Religious Beliefs And Behavior, by David Badash, 2/5/5

Senate GOP to Introduce Bill Banning Employers From Dictating Birth Control Choices, by Guy Benson, 7/16,/2014


Jessica should head to youtube and type "ASMR" into the search box. Looks like Dubner is an accidental member of the ASMR community!