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Any Strategic Reading Tips for a Survivor Applicant?

From a computer scientist (and self-professed “data nerd”) named Scott Griggs:

Hi!  Long time reader/listener here, looking for some quick reading list recommendations…

I have submitted another application to be on CBS’s Survivor, the reality show of outwit, outplay, outlast fame.  The game is physical as well as mental and includes a large social aspect concerning relationships, building trust, evaluating motives, and building/destroying alliances with other contestants.

Do you have any reading recommendations you think could help if I ever get cast on the show?  So far, my short list of titles to consider rereading if I am cast for the show include How To Win Friends and Influence People, portions of Wiseman’s 59 Seconds (persuasion, motivation), and portions of Think Like a Freak (how to persuade people).

You can watch Scott’s audition tape here. Okay, what is your reading advice for him?