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Calling All (Potential) Peak Performers!

In our recent Freakonomics Radio episode “How to Become Great at Just About Anything,” we spoke with K. Anders Ericsson, a research psychologist who has spent more than 30 years studying expert performers in many fields — music, sports, chess, surgery, teaching, writing, and more. Ericsson’s recent book is called Peak: Secrets from the New Science of ExpertiseIt has inspired us to try launching a Freakonomics spinoff podcast, called (for now) Peak.

We’re recruiting participants who want to get really, really good at something and are willing to engage in “deliberate practice,” as prescribed by Ericsson. We’ll help set you up with a coach or teacher, and Ericsson will be our lead advisor. And then we’ll make some podcasts out of your stories. It will be hard work, maybe a bit embarrassing at times. But wouldn’t it be awesome to get really good at singing, or doing handstands, or whatever your heart yearns for — and to have your whole process recorded for posterity?

If you’re up for it — truly up for it — and you want to be considered for our Peak project, drop us a note at Tell us a little about yourself, what you want to get great at, and how far along you are in your progress.