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Episode 471

Mayor Pete and Elaine Chao Hit the Road

While other countries seem to build spectacular bridges, dams and even entire cities with ease, the U.S. is stuck in pothole-fixing mode. We speak with an array of transportation nerds…

Episode 464

Will Work-from-Home Work Forever?

The pandemic may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean we’ll return to full-time commuting and packed office buildings. The greatest accidental experiment in the history of labor has lessons…

Episode 101

Mass Transit Hysteria

Adding more train and bus lines looks like an environmental slam dunk. Until you start to do the math.

Frans de Waal Answers Your Primate Questions

…who will go look for easier prey. Q: What did you learn from Desmond Morris? A: Great question. Desmond Morris is the most underrated behavioral biologist (ethologist) of his generation….

The Gas Tax Revisited: A Guest Post

…much right now. (It’d be kind of like a SMarT Plan in reverse.) But as with all tax matters, things aren’t so simple. Eric A. Morris Eric A. Morris is…

Scorecasting: A Guest Post

…Raheem Morris, then a 32-year-old African-American who was the team’s defensive coach and had never before been a head coach on any level. While no one admitted as much, Morris

Los Angeles Transportation Facts and Fiction: Smog

…city is sprawling. But sprawl or no, Los Angeles’s air is choked with its world-famous smog. Isn’t it? Answer: A half-truth. Facts and Fiction Eric Morris discusses stereotypes about Los…


Eric Morris, a researcher at U.C.L.A.’s Institute of Transportation Studies, has already written a few posts here, and will now join our corps of recurring guests bloggers. Please welcome him….

Mass Transit Hysteria (Ep. 101)

…blog post by regular contributor Eric Morris and you’ll get to hear a good bit from Morris himself in the podcast. He does a great job explaining the nuts and…

Los Angeles Transportation Facts and Fiction: Freeways

…is dominated by an overbuilt freeway system? Answer: a half-truth. Facts and Fiction Eric Morris discusses stereotypes about Los Angeles transportation in this six-part series. Los Angeles Transportation Facts and…

Offshoring Lung Cancer?

…cigarettes sold worldwide by various manufacturers. Here are the numbers of cigarettes sold (in billions) in 2006 by Philip Morris: U.S./Canada: 184 Asia Pacific: 197 Eastern Europe: 229 Western Europe:…

Episode 544

Ari Emanuel Is Never Indifferent

He turned a small Hollywood talent agency into a massive sports-and-entertainment empire. In a freewheeling conversation, he explains how he did it and why it nearly killed him….

Episode 59

Do Dreams Actually Mean Anything?

Also: why is music so memorable?…

Another View of Los Angeles

Eric Morris has been busting L.A. transportation myths lately with his Fact and Fiction posts. For yet another unusual view of Los Angeles, check out this beautiful set of photos…

Lottery Tickets for Safe Drivers?

(iStockphoto) Last month, Eric Morris wrote a post on red light cameras at traffic intersections in L.A. that sparked a robust debate in the comments section, something we always like….

Another View of Los Angeles

Eric Morris has been busting Los Angeles transportation myths with his L.A.: Fact or Fiction posts lately, which may have changed the way you view the City of Angels. Photographer…

Incentivizing the School Commute

…from 41 percent to 13 percent. In his recent article pointing this out, Freakonomics contributor Eric Morris ended on an inquisitive note: “So the next question is, what factors cause…

Watt's Next?

…on one, electric propulsion may finally be poised to break out. Or is it? To help find the answer I called in my resident expert — my brother, Brad Morris