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Episode 128

How Can You Give Better Gifts?

How many bottles of wine are regifted? What’s wrong with giving cash? And should Angela give her husband a subscription to the Sausage of the Month Club?

Is Web Video Really Hurting TV?

…their popularity increase through viral Web distribution. The Wharton economist Joel Waldfogel (who has a new book out, The Tyranny of the Market) examines this issue in a new working…

The False Altruism of Alumni Giving

…school (and its admissions exclusivity) may have had a heavy influence on the data. As noted in a Slate article by the economist Joel Waldfogel (whose “Deadweight Loss of Christmas”…

Episode 105

Have a Very Homo Economicus Christmas

Who better than an economist to help with your shopping list?

The Deadweight Loss of Brett Favre

…gifts at significantly less than they cost. (We once wrote a column that touched on deadweight loss, and here’s a seminal paper on the topic, by Joel Waldfogel.) On the…

Has American Pop Music Displaced Local Culture?

…Joel Waldfogel, called “Pop Internationalism: Has a Half Century of World Music Trade Displaced Local Culture?” (abstract here; pdf here). There is a lot of great detail and data in…

Have a Very Homo Economicus Christmas (Ep. 105)

…self”); Justin Wolfers (who has written before on Christmas efficiency); and Joel Waldfogel (here’s his famous “Deadweight Loss of Christmas” paper; he’s also the author of Scroogenomics). Wolfers tries to…

What to Get an Economist for Christmas?

Christmas and economists go together like — well, like drinking and walking. Joel Waldfogel, the economist who is famous for highlighting the deadweight loss of gift-giving, has a new book…